1987 Grumman transom repair

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Posted by Pam ( on August 23, 2004 at 12:07:18:

My '87 grumman alum boat appears to have a rotten transom. There is a continuous cap which runs along the top of the transom. It widens at both back corners of the boat creating a brace between the transom and sides. /------\. There is a tear in the cap about 6" from both corners of the rear of the boat. My question is - to remove the rotted wood from the transom, can I just peel back the cap, starting at the tears, and be able to get to ALL of the wood in the transom? Or, am I going to have to remove the entire back of the boat? Also, is the transom wood glued to the boat in any way or is it just dropped in and bolted?