Purchasing a rivit gun and rivits

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Posted by Glenn ( on January 11, 2006 at 15:41:38:

Hello all...I am about to build a casting deck for my aluminum boat, I have all the plans and materials but what I need to know is how does one rivit the beam hangers inbetween the seats? All the seats are filled with foam.I have never rivited anything before but it is my understanding that the rivit is 2 pieces, the front piece I have no problem with but how do I put the back piece inplace with the foam there? Also if anyone has any suggestions on what rivit gun to buy and size aluminum rivits I should use? Is it better to use stainless steel screws? But the problem would still be the same, how would one get the washer and nut to the back with the foam being there? Thanks in advance for your help. Glenn