Honda 4 stroke won't idle smooth - - - HELP!!!!

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Posted by Jim Y ( on March 14, 2005 at 12:03:38:

Last year I bought a new boat with a new 2004 50 hp Honda 4 stroke. The first time I took it out, it idled away from the dock very smoothly and quiet. I took it up on a plane and back down to idle and it atarted rattling like a 2 stroke and was very rough. The only way I could get it to smooth out and quiet down was to put it in and out of gear several times and or just nudge the rpms up sligtly (abt 1200 rpm) and back down repeatedly until it idled normally again. The problem would repeat itself every time I put the boat up on plane and idled it back down. The dealer adjusted the carbs and said it was fixed. I took the boat up to my lake cabin (400 miles away) and found that what ever the dealer did, it did not change anything. I trailered it back home (another 400 miles) to the dealer and he worked on it again, and assured me it was fixed. Back to the cabin (400 miles) to find that everything was still the same. The dealer told me to go ahead and run it that way unless I wanted to trailer it all the way back again. I ran it all season with the rattle and took it back to the dealer last fall. The service manager had the carbs gone through again and adjusted the valves. I took it to a local lake and found that the rattle was gone but that it still idled rough. The dealer said to wait until spring and take the Honda factory rep for a ride in the spring. Well spring is here and I expect to be meeting with the factory rep. soon. I have been extremely patient (over a year with a rough idleing 4 stroke). Would I be expecting to much if I asked for a new motor If the factory rep can't properly identify and fix the problem? I gave them a good check and I think I should expect a good motor. Is there a lemon law for outboards? Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Does anyone have any experience getting them to exchange for a new motor? HELP!

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