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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on May 27, 2005 at 18:31:48:

In Reply to: 1957 evinrude posted by d.ball on May 27, 2005 at 18:03:29:

If it's in good shape, it's a good old motor that you can still get parts for. A '57 would have had a pressure tank (2 hoses, one for air pressure and one for fuel); if so you should get a working tank with it. Pressure tanks can be expensive to purchase, check eBay for examples.

More likely he converted it over to use a fuel pump, in that case any modern tank with single-hose will work with a standard OMC fuel connector.

Ask him if the lower unit is in good shape, your concerns there would be: water in gear oil (indicative of leaking seals); slipping prop (revs up excessively when planing out); jumping out of gear (worn shift clutch and /or fwd gear); which could go hand-in-hand with a very sloppy shift handle/linkage. If he had the powerhead off for a rebuild he should have tightened up all the shift linkage under the powerhead.

Ask him if he put new or good used coils in. If the coils were original they doubtless would have cracked by now or leaked. Around $22 each, less at and tune-up kit (points, condensers, cam lube) around $15 or so.

Ask if he put a new impeller in or at least make sure it pumps water well. No thermostat on these motors so you should get a strong spray out the exhaust relief at the back of the motor.

A motor with bad coils will be cranky, hard to start, and backfire a lot.

However, an 18 in good shape, even one that old, is still a very servicable motor and is 10 times the motor that the Eska is.

Get a demo on a boat in the water if possible, at minimum get a test run in a big barrel of water.

P.S. for $400 (and your trade) it better be a REAL nice motor, especially considering he sold you the P.O.S. Eska in the first place!!!!!!

Too bad you weren't up in my neck of the woods (WA State), I've got a couple of old 18's myself in the garage, and would sell one for less than that outright.

HTH and G'Luck........ed

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