Just bought a '76 Johnson 35 Hp Anything I need to do?

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Posted by Sandy Law ( on May 28, 2005 at 23:10:35:

Hello all, I just bought a used 1976 Johnson 35 Hp. I wanted to replace my good running but elderly 1958 Evinrude 35. I'm not much of a wrencher, so I thought I'd come here to ask advice. The motor runs fine, as it was tested for me in a barrel. I was just wondering if there are any general problems with this particular engine. I also wanted to make sure that 50:1 is the correct gas/oil mixture.

Also, I got a new gas tank for it and I was wondering if it was necessary to put teflon tape around the brass fitting before I screw it on the new tank.

Finally, I know this is NOT a for sale board, does anyone know where I can post the old motor for sale. I have not had much luck finding places. I'm in TX if that helps. Thanks!

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