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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on May 29, 2005 at 10:35:35:

In Reply to: 1976 Chrysler 105hp Outboard Motor posted by John on May 29, 2005 at 08:08:06:

Probably overheated the electronic ign module.

You can eliminate the trigger and charge coils under the flywheel, and the ign coils, by doing resistance checks; you'll need a manual for the proper resisance values. Most public libraries have the Old Outboard Repair Manual and Vol II would have info on your motor. Otherwise Seloc and others make good repair manuals for your motor; try Amazon or eBay.

Since your motor probably got very hot, check for melted wiring, repair if found. You may have a wire melted to the block and grounding out.

Unfortunately it's pretty difficult to test the elect. ign. module itself without special (and very expensive) test equipment. Best way for the layman to diagnose is to eliminate all other possibilities and go from there.

A couple other caveats, check your compression, if you severly overheated your motor, in addition to ign problems you may encounter cylinder sealing problems, either from fried rings/pistons, or head gasket.

Chryslers (especially the older models) are prone to head gasket problems anyway, let alone when they're overheated. If your head bolts move, I'd recommend re-torquing the head. If they are frozen, leave them alone unless there's a problem with the head gasket.

In that case you'd need to heat each 'stuck' head bolt with a propane/MAPP torch until it wants to loosen up. If you 'reef' on the bolts without heat, they'll snap off and that's no fun!

And any Chrysler/Force motor with head gasket issues is going to have to have the head milled so it's flat again. Changing the head gasket without machining the head will almost guarantee failure of the repair.

Anyway, HTH and it's amazing how a failed impeller can snowball into a myriad of repairs! Not saying all this is going to happen with yours, but fore-warned is fore-armed and it's not uncommon to see this happen.

G'luck and keep us posted.......ed

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