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Posted by Nathan ( on May 29, 2005 at 21:27:42:

Hi, I have an early 70's Johnson Seahorse 9.9 hp. I recently took it out, and I'm having a problem. In neutral it'll go all the way to full throttle, no problem. I put it in gear, and I put it at full throttle and it acts like it's at idle. I can visibly see the carb all the way open and in the same place as it was in neutral at full RPM.. SO, I know it's not the powerhead, it's somewhere in my lower unit. I pulled it off and I found my linkage was a little funky, so I fixed that up and hopefully it fixed it.. any tips as to what else may be wrong, I think it was only half in gear or something.. the engine sounded perfect, it just acted like it couldn't speed itself up.. it was odd. Any tips as to what may be wrong, or if I may have hit it on the head with the linkage.
Plus, one more question about my water pump. I'm not outboard marine engine expert, and was wondering, is that impeller supposed to be jammed up inside that cowling, or is it supposed to rotate freely inside that cowling or metal sleeve or whatever that its jammed inside of that fits up inside the pump housing??


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