I bridged positive and neg at same time...

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Posted by Graeme ( on May 30, 2005 at 05:34:43:

I was installing a mini-tach and I accidentally
touched the wrench on the positive cable going
to starter solenoid and the engine. A spark and
a loud snap followed. I turned the key and nothing.

1988 60hp Johnson

I replaced the solenoid and the motor started. 37 minutes into a great ride the coils burst into flame !!
(tach has an hour meter built in)

Any ideas what else touching the battery cable and engine may have shorted prior to the run?

Anyone ever heard of a mini-tach causing this sort
of scenario?

The fuse that runs from the solenoid never blew, it also says 32 volts on it... is this normal?
Graeme - nobody got hurt, luckily.

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