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Posted by Ken Denman ( on May 30, 2005 at 05:58:43:

In Reply to: Help! posted by Nathan on May 29, 2005 at 21:27:42:

When you say you 'put it at full throttle and it acts like it's at idle', do you mean a) the motor revs high, but the boat goes no where, or b) the motor runs slowly, without much power?

If a)then it is likely your prop hub has spun - that is the rubber between the prop hub and the prop itself has broken down, allowing the hub to spin, but not the prop. Simple solution: replace the prop.

If b) then it is likely your motor is running on one cylinder. Briefly touch the metal base of each sparkplug after the motor has run for 5 minutes (don't burn yourself!). If one plug is noticibly cooler than the other, then that is the dead cylinder. You can validate this by pulling the plugs. The plug in the good cylinder will be dry and most likely be cooked to a tan color. The plug in the bad one will be damp and most likely be black. The causes of this are one of:
o a bad plug
o points dirty or gapped incorrectly
o bad condenser
o bad coil (check for cracks in the coil insulation)
o shorting wires - inspect all ignition wires.

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