Johnson 3hp 1958

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Posted by John ( on June 01, 2005 at 05:24:44:

I am new to boat motors. I just picked up a Johnson 3hp motor from 1958. It runs awesome but a little hot. Not much water pumpmg. I have already ordered the impeller for it. I am also looking for a manual. My question is how hard is it to service the water pump. I am looking at a manual for a evinrude 1.5 hp and seems pretty straight forward to change the impellor. Any reccomendatons appreciated.

btw. i had my boat out for the first time last week. I have an 11.5 foot sears boat and a 1.5 hp evinrude that runs nice. I also have a 2 hp suzuki i found at the dump that runs great and needs a little tlc. once i get the transom back onto the boat i am looking forward to doing some fishing. What is the biggest motor i can put on a 11.5 foot sears aluminum boat. It did not have any id plate or weight limit marked on the hull.



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