eska carb replacements,points setting

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Posted by grampas jonsing to fish. ( on June 03, 2005 at 12:25:00:

i dont really like the carb on my eska 5hp 1972 squirrel mill too much but i am wondering does anyone know what other tecumseh carbs will fit on the powerhead instead of the stock crap carb?

i'm hesistant about rebuilding it again.its the nylon? flapper gasket under the fuel inlet plate gets weak and chokes the carb out of fuel,ya try to get past starting throttle and she starves dead.familiar problem with all of these styled carbs with eska's.

without it they flood.

the rubber tophat is as new as well so no probs tehyre but i do have a prob paying 26 bucks for a 50 cent flapper gasket in a complete kit that i cant get unless i buy the complete kit again.

if i can swipe a carb off a 5 horse mower that would fit and work that would be great,has anyone done it yet with info ?

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