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Posted by John ( on June 04, 2005 at 14:36:14:

In Reply to: 9.5 Sportwin Carb problem posted by Vince on June 04, 2005 at 11:14:26:

HI, since I have 2 of those, I am interested. Like'em a lot for fishing.
ONe thing occurs (note I am not a mechanic, so nothing is gospel)-- have you checked for spark?
How long ago did it run? Did you run the gas out of the carb before you parked it? I have had a LOT of problems locally with water in gas (a crime, with cost of gas), and in fact I just posted a query for the fuel pump because I accidentally opened it while trying to check it's screen and had reassembly problems (bit of carelessness on my part) this partly answers your question about carb filter ("no") ... older omc's had glass pot with brass filter element, newer ones relied soley on piece of screen on input fitting to the fuel pump, which is why some like to put in-line filter in the gas tank line ... suspect a similar filter could be put on the interior line between the exterior connector and the pump ... probably 2 might be too interruptive of flow...)

If you haven't done it, at least drain carb (try to catch it to check for dirt and water (little globules floating near bottom of gas) .. if it's there, you need to flush it out ... I first try pumping fresh gas through and draining bowl a few times, dry out plugs, pul;l starter cord 5-6 times to blow out what you can from spark holes, assemble & try to start. Sometimes use old window wash spray bottle (dry) with some 50:1 w/fresh gas, mist spray into plug holes and or carb throat. (Note, this not approved gas container, treat it like a potential bomb, I've left gas in one and it dissolved the pump innards (but can replace with full load of window wash at dollar store))
Don't know if use of ether (starting fluid spray)is recommended (no lubricant and it washes down any in cylinder), but have in frustration used it sparingly and it does help ... so far no notable adverse effects, after hours of running after) ...
Sometimes try carb cleaner (which if simply flushing & 'drying' doesn't work), may be a good second step (years ago a marine mech swore that OMC System-matched carb cleaner, sprayed liberally into throat and jets and left overnight, can sometimes do wonders cleaning out problem deposits)
.. or bite the bullet and take carb off and clean properly (I think you need to take off starter recoil to get at one of the carb bolts .. this can be a pain to reinstall, but it is do-able .. you may also be able to loosen recoil enough to get at covered bolt and work it out ..not sure ...

Good luck ....

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