3 hp 63 buccaneer (Gale)

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Posted by den illinois ( on June 05, 2005 at 04:27:40:

She starts right up after a prime (had to adjust the primer screw it had flip flopped.) floods a bit out of top of carb when priming. Runs very gutsy for about one minute then dies. Maybe plug fouling? Or Carb? There is a very funny looking oval shaped washer between the top half and lower end. It spins, has what looks like an up and down lever that appears to be bent and doesn't budge. What is it? Also, don't seem to see any water hole, but something is happening around the strange looking oval washer. Had it running for about 3 minutes at most and didn't get hot, all sounded real good, powerful for 3 hp. (Shows promise anyway.)


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