Re: Got Sea King and Buccaneer running yesterday.

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Posted by Spike ( on June 05, 2005 at 16:30:05:

In Reply to: Got Sea King and Buccaneer running yesterday. posted by den illinois on June 05, 2005 at 03:13:05:

Hi Den,First the oil slick is normal.Unfortunately all the older motors produce this slick.When you get it on a boat and get the high and low speed mixture screws adjusted right it may be slightly less.But not as you would notice.The white smoke is normal as well.All your exhaust is confined to that small area and of course you are not moving through the water.
You probably did no damage with the hose.Possibly there was a mud daubers nest in the water outlet.If you don`t put a new impeller in be very aware of your motors performance.
First indication of over heat is a gentle slowing
of the motor kind of like running through heavy weeds.This rapidly increases to motor seizing.
At which point the motor may be ruined.If it starts to do this get out the oars.If you are going to run without the new impeller run without the covers and if you suspect heating
CAREFUllY feel the head.Should be too hot to hold your hand on but not so hot it burns you.
If your motors dirty manners bother you you can run artifical 2 stroke oil.It doesn`t smoke as much and I`ve heard it is biodegradable.Pretty pricey though.

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