Evinrude Fleetwin Motor Questions?

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Posted by Viper ( on June 05, 2005 at 17:43:22:

Hi, I just bought a 12' aluminum boat. With it I got an old Evinrude Fleetwin Motor #4447-83322. I spent a little time on it, it hadn't been run in over 15 years or so. I replaced the pulley cord and spark plugs and filled her up with gas at a ratio of half a pint per gallon of gas. That's what the gas cover said. It ran good. I'm wondering if that ratio is what I should be running it on today still. The boat I bought is a 1954 aluma craft and I'm betting the motor is around that age too. Can anyone tell me the year and if I can get an operators manual for it, and where? I believe it is 7.5 horsepower. Any idea what the motor is worth?

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