35hp evinrude 59 bogs at full throttle,

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Posted by Mike ( on June 05, 2005 at 20:40:02:

Thanks in advance for all response.
35hp golden jubilee lark evinrude 1959. Idles great and can run at just about 1/4 throttle great, then it bogs and opens up then bogs then opens up, etc...
replaced all gas lines.

Is it the carb, can i rebuild it? where do it get rebuild kit?
Sidebar, I know that i am not supposed to be able to start in gear but last time i took it out it let me fire her up in forward. It did not use to let me and the gear shifter is still hooked correctly to the linkage (sorry dont know proper name) thing that is supposed to stop that from happening, still has to be in idle to start.


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