Re: 35hp evinrude 59 bogs at full throttle,

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Posted by Nathan ( on June 05, 2005 at 20:48:40:

In Reply to: 35hp evinrude 59 bogs at full throttle, posted by Mike on June 05, 2005 at 20:40:02:

Hmm.. I had a similar problem to this. My '73 9.9 Johnson Seahorse would spool to 100% throttle in neutral, but I put it in gear and could visibly see that it was in the same spot as it was in neutral where it was at 100% throttle.. but it was only running at idle for some reason, didn't sound labored but it was bogging. I checked my lower unit and it was perfect, checked my linkage and it was super sloppy because of a crappy bolt, replaced that and I think I'm good. I think I was only like half in gear or something since I didn't have positive shifting due to the old bolt. I haven't taken it out yet to see if it's fixed or not, but I think that was my problem.
I believe you mentioned your linkage was fine.. in that case pull your carb and check every bit of it for varnished gas that hardned in there, check the small tube in the middle for blockages, ream it with a bit of wire anyway just to be sure.
Finally, check your gas line is on in the right direction, haha! Unlikely your problem, but it goes unnoticed sometimes, and leads to a plethora of problems that seem to stem from nowhere!

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