Re: Johnson 55hp 1979

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Posted by den in illinois ( on June 07, 2005 at 00:44:43:

In Reply to: Johnson 55hp 1979 posted by Yiannis Maroukis on June 07, 2005 at 00:03:40:

Hi, One of the oldtimers here can give you a better answer. Especially if you give them more details. Are you getting any spark at all? Remove a spark plug...ground it against the head then turn engine over to see if you are getting good blue spark. If not then it is probably an ignition problem. If you are getting spark...then try spraying a little bit of fuel mix into the clyinder then replacing the spark plug and see if it fires. If it does then maybe it's a fuel problem. those are the easy steps, but the more details you give, the more the regs here can help you. Hope this helps some.
Den (newbie here)

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