Elgin Model 571.58561

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Posted by Norm ( on June 08, 2005 at 17:18:15:

I have researched the lower unit looking for an impeller and find that the drive shaft runs right along a cable to contole the nutural/drive transfer, the the bottom where the propeller attaches in the lower unit had the cable hooked to a mechanism to transfer the nutural to drive status as an impeller can not be set in the housing as a cable would prevent the operation of a spinning propeller, I also have a copper line going down the housing to the lower unit wich hooks to the water intake of the motor, could the propeller furnish or act as the water force to have the water enter and cool the motor? this is a 1951 motor which I would like to repair and put away for my son. nice to see a motor in 18 years like this make some heads turn as time goes on. THANKS EVERYONE FOR ANY INFORMATION

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