Honda BF 20 performance upgrade question

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Posted by Peter ( on June 09, 2005 at 08:14:18:

I was wondering if anyone would know what kind of performance gain I can expect by going from a 9.9 HP outboard to a 20 HP. The boat is a 14 ft aluminum Lund WC 14, hull weight is approx. 245 .lbs. I have a Honda BF 9.9 4 stroke and I am thinking of upgrading to a Honda BF 20 4 stroke. The BF 20 only weighs 10 more pounds than the BF 9.9 (20 shaft, manual start). The boat is rated for 25 HP max so I am currently at only about 40% of that. It not a bad setup but performance is marginal, so I am considering an upgrade. Right now I run about 13 to 15.5 MPH on GPS depending on weight, wind, water conditions, etc. Does anyone know what I could expect from this type of upgrade? Thanks.

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