1970 5 hp sears gamefisher

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Posted by Frank ( on June 11, 2005 at 07:15:26:

I picked up a siezed 5hp gamefisher last night. I was lucky enough to break it free after filling the cylinder with penetrating oil. Before I put the spark plug back in I primed it. The motor started right up. I doesn't keep running and the spark plug appears to be dry. The carb has a low speed knob on the left and at the bottom of the fuel bowl there is avent to drain it and what looks like a high speed jet. If this is a high speed jet what is a good place to set it? I realize I should first go through and thoroughly clean the carb but I am first going the lazy route. The guy I got it from saild it siezed up on him while he was running it last month so I figure the carb should be ok. He was running it at 50:1 instead of 24:1.

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