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Posted by Jason ( on June 11, 2005 at 13:11:14:

I have a 1973 Eska tecumseh TW 7.5.

I put in a new plug, took apart and cleaned the carb. The fuel inlet at the reed/valve had a small screen that was gummed up with debris. I removed and cleaned it. I also cleaned the bowl and float. Although these two were remarkably clean. I check the red plug( fuel pump) and it was fine, no cracking or holes that I could see, it looked new?

When I took out the fuel pump(red thing) I failed to note its original position in the carb. Does it matter at what position this piece is installed? I noticed that it is flat on each side.

Now, I got the motor to run, briefly, after reassemble. It will run for a few seconds try to idle and then die. I messed with many positions on the rich/lean knob and it had no effect. The only way I could get the motor to run for 20 secs or more was to lightly squeeze the fuel line bulb to force gas into the motor. The tank,line,bulb are all new as are the connnections. After an hour of fooling with it I took off the fuel inlet cap and inspected the screen and reeds and they were clean still.

I am perplexed as to what try next. I mixed my fuel at 24:1 per instructions but I am getting some oil splatter out the two exhaust holes? I have rechecked my plug and it is clean and not fouled.

Please help.
thanks to all, this forum has been a great help and wealth of knowledge.

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