15 hp rude frebie

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Posted by kevin ( on June 11, 2005 at 19:42:59:

a friend of mine gave me a 82 15 hp rude. e15rcnc.
he said that he was out running it and it quit and rolled smoke out of the hood. but it was pumping water. when i picked it up from him the flywheel would turn easily, but the pistons moved like normal, there just seemed to be no or little compression. i get the motor home and find a plug partially out. he said he had not worked on it. the power head had the appearence of being ran hot, but again he said it was pumping water. i pop the head off and the cylinders and pistons look good and very little slop. i check the thermostat and bingo, it was in peices. i put it back together without a themostat, just to see if it would run. put new gas to it and on the second pull it cranked. i adjusted everything and took it to the river and ran like a champ. i tell you all this to ask a couple of questions. i have a late 70's 15 rude almost identical, do i need a themostat, and should i be concerned with it being ran hot and should i tell the guy what was wrong or even offer to give it back? what would you guys do? one more thing, when i checked the water pump there was no seal in the top of the water pump housing only a bushing does it need the seal? sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info so you would no what was what?

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