Ted Williams 1975 #217-585870 Cooling question

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Posted by Mary ( on June 12, 2005 at 18:00:29:

I have this Ted Williams (made be Eska) I'm familiar with newer Mercs, but not older engines like this. I am confused - this engine has a sticker that says it is air cooled, yet it has an impeller. The prop does not spin in neutral (which it shouldn't) but the way these are built that also means no water to the engine. Now since it says air cooled, I wouldn't think there would be an impeller at all.
Anyway, I put the flushing ears on it and started it for the first time in 2 yrs - it sat in the back of a shed for about 10 yrs, I started it once and it sat again for the 2 yrs. I am in need of it now and am getting it ready. Noticed it got real hot though when I ran it - it was mis firing also. Any ideas what the deal is?? I cleaned out the water pump impeller area which was clogged, I did notice small bubbles on the powerhead gasket - needs new gasket, but just don't understand the aircooled with an impeller thing and why it got hot and was misfiring.

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