Intermittent Loss of Power

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Posted by Ron Frierdich ( on June 15, 2005 at 08:31:06:

1986 115HP 6cyl in line Mercury OB. Motor wants to loose power and die when under load or at fast speed. If put in netural will idle indefintely. If try to give it gas to go will stall , put back in neutral will idle and if nurse it along sometimes will come out of it. One time put in neutral bulb was soft pumped it up and motor took off without trouble.

Have replaced spark plugs, rebuilt fuel pump, gas from built in tank flows freely, vent is not clogged.
No visible leaks around fuel line, carburetors have been blown out, no air leaks. All done by service mechanic.

This i repeat happens once intermittently. Any suggestion. Respond to

Again some t

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