Re: What year is this 65h.p. Evinrude model#65853B?

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Posted by Greg Mc ( on June 15, 2005 at 13:06:26:

In Reply to: What year is this 65h.p. Evinrude model#65853B? posted by Carlos O on June 13, 2005 at 20:34:10:

1968. The only fluid to be changed is the gear oil in the lower unit. With the engine vertical remove the large slot head drain screw on the lower side of the lower unit near the skeg. Remove the similar vent screw on the side of the lower unit above the cavitation plate. After all the oil drains out fill the lower unit from the bottom with a squeeze tube or gear oil pump until the oil comes out the vent at the top. Reinstall the vent screw before removing the squeeze tube or pump. Then reinstall thelower fill screw.

Note: if you find water or metal shavings in the oil you drain out the lower unit needs to be serviced by a trained mechanic.

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