Johnson 225 HO sluggish

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Posted by Guy W. ( on June 19, 2005 at 12:34:02:

I let my 2000 model Johnson 225 HO sit up too long, about 6-7 months without running it. It started up, but bogs down real bad,turns about 4000 rpm trimmed out, and wouldn't plane for about 30 seconds of full throttle. Took it to my mechanic,he drained the gas, replaced power pack(one cylinder not firing),replaced fuel filter, checked carbs and he says they looked clean. Got boat back, and still slow acceleration, but better now, ran 5000rpm trimmed out. I ran it for about 30 minutes, and it suddenly turned 5500 rpms wide open trimmed out, but will bog down from a stop, or if trimmed down too much. I still think its a carburetor(v-6 six carbs). Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

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