1973 650 merc water pump question

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Posted by Tim W ( on June 19, 2005 at 13:05:26:

This is a stupid but simple question. I have a 1973 650 Mercury outboard. Is water supposed to flow out of the "p hole" as soon as you start it or not until the thermosat opens? I don't know poot about boats. The motor is not sqirting water when you start it with a hose attahment on the inlet and running. You put it in gear and start it, the impellar turns, so i know the shaft is turning. A repairman said he replaced the impellar last fall. I have not run it until this year and it does not work. I took it apart myself and it was gritty and dirty on the outside of the pump, like it was never disassembled. I put it back together with new gaskets and impellar, and it still does not work. I blew air through the tube and some dirt and then air came out the pee hole before i put it together, but it still does not work. ...The book says to test the thermosat, how do you do that? Please help. Thanks. You guys are great, keep it going.

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