Where's the water?

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Posted by Relic's shack ( on June 19, 2005 at 15:25:56:

Ok, I put a clean garbage can under my 20 hp Evinrude just to let it run for a bit, I'm using a bit of gas left over from last year.
At first everything seemed to run fine, a bit of blueish smoke but nothing out of the ordinary. water shooting out of the back of the motor is good right? Then I put it in gear for a sec and everything was good until all the water shot all over the place and wasn't covering the intake holes (4 small holes along the top of the trim fin? right?)...so I shut the motor off for a second...let the pail fill back up and started it again...noticed there wasn't any water shooting out of the back of the motor anymore while it was running...

What happened? ...is this normal? is it still intaking water?

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