'94 Sea Rayder with 90 Mercruiser jet engine

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Posted by Fuller ( on June 19, 2005 at 21:49:39:

My engine won't start. I called the dealer and was told the gas is too old (2yrs), and that gas looses 1 octane per month so that if I started with 90 octane, in 2 yrs time the gas would be so weak it would not light up even with a lit match thrown in the tank. 2 very nice gentleman took a look at it (at the lake) and sprayed ?"almost pure ether" on the engine and determined there was no "spark" and old gas had nothing to do with it not starting. The engine cranks but won't "catch". You can smell gas, and they felt it was not the spark plugs. I replaced the carbs 2 years ago and only driven once since. P.S. I am pretty green at this.

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