7 1/2 horse Johnson Seahorse parts needed

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Posted by Roger Couch ( on June 22, 2005 at 07:00:08:

I am looking for a few poarts for a Johnson seahorse 7 1/2 horse outboard motor. It is model AD-10M (1956). I am not certain, but I think '57, '58 parts my work as well. I need half of the throttle handle as well as the clip that goes inside where the handle folds up. I believe this is just a catch that keeps the handle from folding all the way down. I purchased this motor after someone tried to make repairs and made matters worse. They did not remove the aluminum clip with the start / fast / slow etc printed on it. The clip that keeps the two halves of the handle together. Instead they pried and forced the handle apart, only it broke . If you are facing the handle with the handle pointing to your belly, it is the left side that broke, but I will buy the whole handle if need be. Also looking for the squarish / rectangular pin that pins the bottom of the timing advance shaft to the lower gear which engages the gear on the throttle. This was the original problem which the seller was trying to fix. A darn shame as this motor was 100% complete. I know my description is probably lacking. I can get pics if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I NEED TO GO FISHIN! Thanks in advance. Post a response or send e-mails to counting-coup@columbus.rr.com.
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