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Posted by Norm ( on June 25, 2005 at 04:27:03:

On my Merc 120 I/O I have a question in reguards to the gears, I have been told to just snap it into Drive or Reverse from nutural to stop any grinding that may occure if you take your time pushing it into this motion of the Boat as the whole lower unit was rebuilt before I bought it last year I just wanted to ensure the proper way of changing gears in the Boat, I have had no problems, but I let a friend use the Boat and he told me that he heard some sounds that souded like grinding in the switching of gears, I was told to just say snap it into the drive or reverse to advoid any damage to the gears all the gear oil and motor oil is fine as I said the lower unit was professionaly rebuilt and I personaly have had no problems the qustion is to fellow Merc's is the right way to change gears. Thanks Everyone

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