1970 60hp 3 cylinder evinrude loses spark

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Posted by chris ( on June 29, 2005 at 03:03:01:

I have a 1970 60 hp evinrude, I believe it's a 1970 because I called a outboard repair shop and they told me that only a three cylinder 60hp was made in 1970. The problem is that the motor just dies on me. It will start and run - fairly well We think that it just loses spark, even at full throttle. I've replaced distributor cap, spark plug wires, voltage amplifier, the stator looks good. Basically I replaced almost everything I can think of. Has anyone else had such a problem? Someone told me to take off the clipper box and I did, but the problem still happens. I'd like to fix it before I have to take it in and pay shop rate.

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