1997 Evinrude 4 stroke 15 hp motor quits running

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Posted by Kevin Murdock ( on July 02, 2005 at 11:12:19:

I have a 1997,15hp,Evinrude,4 stroke,manual pullstart motor for my aluminum boat. After a hard run,the motor stalls. It sounds as if it is starving for fuel, (popping and sputtering prior to dying). Sometimes it restarts, more often not.
To date, here are some of the fixes we've tried:
1) fresh fuel - dumped tank & refilled, added fuel treatment. ($20)
2) drained carb bowl
3) new hotter plugs (problem first manifested at high altitude) ($10)
4) new fuel pump (ouch, $130 to my mechanic)
5) new tank to engine hose and bulb assembly ($22)
6) new electronic control module (double ouch, $207 for the part plus labor - total $282)
7) added fuel filter & replaced hot plugs with stock, (new mechanic didn't like hot plugs), re-routed fuel line (mechanic said it was too close to manifold and slightly pinched), said water pump & coil were functioning fine, checked and adjusted valves ($40 - guess he felt bad about selling me a control module I didn't need.)
Total - $510 and 5 ruined fishing trips !!!

Please help if you have any ideas. Please reconsider if your thinking about buying an Evinrude product.
Broke & desparate

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