Milky colored lower unit oil?????

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Posted by Mo Khan ( on July 02, 2005 at 18:43:14:

I just recently purchased a 1968 40 hp outboard johnson. I went about changing the spark plugs, cleaning the carb, and changing the oil. When I removed the old oil it came out looking like chocolate milk. I asked the guy at the marine store and he said your seals/gaskets might be broken and water is coming in and mixign with the oil. I replaced the oil again today just make sure it wasn't from the motor not starting for the past 3 years from the previous owner. The oil came out looking like chocolate milk again. Is this a serious issue? I asked two different people on it, one said its going to cost $150-200 to fix and it is neccessary asap. The other said i should get it fixed soon but its not too urgent as long as I change the oil often. Please let me know what you guys think. I am new to boating so I open to all opinions and comments. Thanks a lot.

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