Motor starts on a dime and other times wont even turn!!!

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Posted by Mo Khan ( on July 02, 2005 at 18:47:36:

I'm going crazy with this motor. Its a 1968 40 hp johnson outboard. I had it on the lake the other day and it started and run like a beauty in the begining of the day. It wouldnt turn over while I was on the lake for a while. I moved my switch from start to neutral (excuse my termonology I new to boating) and so forth and finally got it turn and start. I tried starting it again today just to see if it would turn, but no luck. I only got it to make a clicking sound one time. What the heck could be the problem? I cleaned all the battery terminals and checked the ground. I'm just confused! starts on a dime sometimes and other times wont turn.. help please. thanks.

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