Sears 7hp boat motor

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Posted by Aaron ( on July 03, 2005 at 13:06:57:

I recently got a Sears 7hp motor in decent(looking) condition at my favorite price of free. I cleaned the considerable rust out of the tank, then applied Red-Kote tank liner. It has good compression and starts, but leaks a considerable amount of gas. I took the carb apart, and the float has a hole in it. I'm drying it out right now. I spent several hours looking for a rebuild kit without any luck, so I could use a source for where to order one. In the interim, do you think I could apply some JB weld or liquid solder to the hole? Eventually, I'd like to rebuild the carb, but maybe I could get some use out of it in the meantime. I'd like to run it on the water for a bit before I dump a bunch of money into it. Also, I noticed most replies on this board want model/serial number. Any ideas where this would be? The only number I found is on the top of the lower unit, # 26048. The only thing the cover has is "Sears Solid State Ignition 7 Horsepower". Thanks in advance, and a Happy 4th!

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