55 hp Chrysler (1978 model) low top end

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Posted by Brad Amy ( on July 03, 2005 at 13:13:18:

I just bought a boat with a 55 chrysler. The boat did have old gas and me, in my infinite wisdom, took the boat to the lake (here in Sask Canada) and tried it out. It ran fine, but took a while to start (Started fine in my driveway). When I got it going (with a boost) it ran great, bu when I tried to open it up, it would not hit a high RPM. It really barely got the boat to go 15, and the rpm (I dont have a tach) was extremely low. I added some new fuel/oil to the tank to boos the octane, but the motor still never hit a high RPM. I realize this is not an overly powerful motor, but it should go ok. Because it runs fine at a low Rpm, I think the compression is good. Where do I start? Could it be a plugged jet in the carb, gas, or what? Please help

Brad Amy in Canada

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