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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on July 05, 2005 at 15:56:25:

In Reply to: John-Evenrude 60hp 71' vintage stuck in gear posted by P-VaBch on July 05, 2005 at 09:55:47:

Peter, your 60 HP has a Hydroelectric lower unit.

It uses a hydraulic pump along with electric solenoids and hydraulic spoolpiece to divert oil flow in order to force the shifting clutch to neutral and reverse.

With no power applied and no driveshaft motion, spring pressure forces the unit in forward.

This is better than the old spring-and-solenoid Selectric models, which, when the solenoid failed or the spring broke, would have no gears!

I still have fond memories of my dad running the old '64 Evinrude backwards all the way back to the ramp when the forward spring broke!!

Anyway, if you don't have good gear oil in the lower unit it won't shift. If the motor is cranking but not running, it might not shift. If the screen to the oil pump is clogged up it may not shift.

Make sure the gearbox has good oil. If the oil looked very bad, flush out with kerosene or similar solvent, maybe it'll help clean stuff off the oil screen.

If this fails you could have trouble with the solenoids or the hydraulic spoolpiece, which can be worked with the lower unit off. Any deeper problems, unfortunatly, require disassembly.

Try applying power to both wires while the motor is running and see what happens, you may be pleasantly surprised. It should shift to reverse with both wires energized. With only one wire energized (which one, escapes me right now), it'll be in neutral.

HTH and Good Luck...........ed

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