Honda 7.5 hp Gearcase Cap

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Posted by Duane Duclaux ( on July 06, 2005 at 11:16:17:

I recently purchased a sailboat with a Honda 7.5 hp ouytboard motor (early '80s vintage). The motor was badly neglected. I began to perform the necessary maintenance and upon draining the lower unit oil (which was actually just grey water), I inspected the lower unit. The gearcase cap -- the plate between the lower unit housing and the propeller that holds a prop shaft seal and bearing -- was cracked and corroded beyond repair. Well, after inquiring at my local Honda outboard parts dealer, I have been informed that the aluminum gearcase cap, part #41201-881-000ZC, is No Longer Available!!! Does anyone have any suggestions for (1) locating one, new or used in reasonable shape, or (2) having a new one fabticated based upon my old one? All suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,
Duane Duclaux
Richmond, Virginia

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