59 Evinrude 18Hp Fasttwin - Cranking Problem

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Posted by DougB ( on July 06, 2005 at 13:45:17:


I've a 59 Evinrude 18HP Fastwin. Recently i just encountered a problem
in trying to start the motor, using the pull cord. When I pull on it, it
seems that something is slipping, almost as if the pull cord is hitting
some kind of resistance and it makes a lound "Clank" noise.

My only thought is that something is slipping on the inside, causing
the pull cord troubles in turning the engine over.

It does have an electric start option, but I've not set it up for that. I wonder if I should try and see if the motor will start electrically rather
than using the pull cord.

Any thoughts, guesses, places to start would be appreciated!

Thanks all

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