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Posted by Johan Kuipers (Holland) ( on July 07, 2005 at 03:15:07:

In Reply to: Yamaha 4AC age and oil change posted by Martyn Clowes on June 10, 2005 at 01:08:05:

Hello Martyn,

I have the same motor.
I heard that in the seriel number you can see the age of the motor. I will ask houw this is excatly.
I will try to tell you, but my English is not so good. Sorry.
There is only oil in the lower Casing. There is a screw you have to open, and then the oil wil go out (when there is some oil). You have tot loose another screw something higher to let the oil go out.

To fill the new oil, fasten the lower screw and fill the oil throuhgt the hole above. There is an specific oil-can availabel in the store.

I have a part list. I wil try to scan it an send it to you.
Please tell me your e-mail adress and I will try.

There is no further oil. The engine is coolded by water. This water "pisses" out throught a hole under the engine if its good.

Greetings and succes.
Johan Kuipers

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