Hard starting, rough idling Sportwin 10 Evinrude

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Posted by Don Ding ( on July 07, 2005 at 16:13:42:

Hi, I have an older Evinrude Sportwin 10 that will not start unless I over-pressurize the tank using a wooden broom handle. If I pump the tank with just the finger until it is filled the boat will not fire. I actually have to pump it until I'm pushing fuel out of the carb and overflow it to the outside. It runs fine at full throttle but idles VERY rough, starts hard, and kills frequently at low trolling speeds. I don't have a manual and would appreciate typical low speed adjustment settings and any other advice the experts can help me with. I have not taken the carb off to clean but did run stabil through it to see if that would help. I replaced the tank twin line hose because I thought it might have a leak to the atmosphere and was causing the problem, but that didn't help the problem. I appreciate any and all advice. I am pretty sure the problem is with the fuel delivery but don't know where to start. I have replaced the plugs and no difference.


Don H

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