74 Mercury 200 20 HP Bogging Out Carb Float?

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Posted by Wayne Lee ( on July 08, 2005 at 08:36:36:

Glad to have found this board. I took my Starcraft 16'
Aluminum Boat with 74 Mercury 20 HP out yesterday for the first time since buying it last week. Before using it I changed lower case oil, Spark Plugs, added an inline fuel filter, and mixed fresh Exxon 89 with the 2 cycle mix. First 20 mins were fine,zipped around the lake,dropped anchor for 20 mins.. Started right up and opened her up again. I noticed first it started to surge or hesitate a little and then bogged right down. It would almost start and idle but would bog out completely. Got out the Oars and rowed for 10 mins. or so and gave it another go. Started right up and accelerated for 5 seconds or so and bog out again. At first I reached for the Bulb to check it had some fuel pressure or prime and gave it a gentle squeeze. It seemeed to bog out sooner while running so the next time it started to bog I unplugged the fuel line at the motor and she would take off again for 5 seconds and starve, I plugged the line in quickly and she would catch and take off and bog down until I unplugged it again. I got her to the Boat ramp like this by plugging and unplugging the line. I haven't had any experience with Outboard Carbs and Fuel systems but grew up around 2 cycles as my family ran a small Saab dealership till 1978.
Seems like it might be a sunken or stuck float to me. Does this sound feasible. Is there anything else simpler with the quick disconnects or whatever thats fooding her out? Any help greatly appreciated.
Wayne Lee

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