Took apart a 1972 Evinrude to replace the water pump....HELP!!

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Posted by Lois ( on July 09, 2005 at 20:46:49:

We bought our first boat on the 4th of July... The guy said he could not get it to start back up. My hubby fixed that the guy had the wires crossed, it wasn't getting a ground... no biggie right. Well we found out it needed a new water pump. He did that too. When he was putting it back together something (a copper tube) that brings the water from the bottom to the top got bent. Does anyone have any advice where to find how he can break down the entire motor to replace the copper tube. We bought the manual for the 1972 Evinrude motor, but it doesn't go into that much detail. HELP!!! I want to go boating PLEASE!

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