Ted Williams 7.5 HP information wanted

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Posted by John Cline ( on July 10, 2005 at 17:34:25:

I have a Sears Ted Williams 7.5HP outboard. I need to know the year it was made, and the proper gas/oil ratio. Sears Web Site was no help. There are 5 different gas/oil ratios used depending on the year it was made.
Model number for this motor is: 574-60100
Serial number for this motor....64600710-1811
Spark plugs that came with when I purchased this USED motor were champion H12
Gas/oil chart for this motor reads...1964 @ 20:1...1966-69 @ 40:1...1971-73 @ 24:1...1974-76 @ 32:1...1977-89 @ 50:1
I tried running @ 32:1. Motor ran well at first then slowly lost power during operation ( once around the lake ) plugs did not appear fouled but motor acted like they were.
Any help in determining the year this motor was made...the proper gas/oil ratio....or even the correct plugs, since I am unsure if the plugs that were installed are the correct ones.
Further note: This motor was made for sears by McCulloch / scott division

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