'59 QD-20 only running on 1 cylinder

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Posted by Paul ( on July 11, 2005 at 11:44:43:

Well I got my motor going and it was a beauty thing. Spike was right it was pushing my 12' aluminum real nice on plane, for about a half an hour. Then it started losing the top cyl. at low rpm around idle. as it was throttled up it would sputter cough then catch both cyl. and boogie. tried adjusting rich lean on faceplate, no real help. half an hour later we had to limp in on one cyl. full throttle would produce maybe 1500 rpm or less. I switched plugs and still only bottom cyl fired. on pull test it seemed that it had spark in top cyl. have not checked spark when it is running. My manual is on the way but does anyone have any Ideas on what to do. I sure would like to fix it cause for that first 1/2 hour it really ran sweet,l starting on half a pull. Need to get trolling b-4 the trout go to sleep at Casitas.


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