Re: 115 Turbo jet Fling 1997 Not gettin water

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Posted by Clay ( on July 11, 2005 at 14:46:28:

In Reply to: 115 Turbo jet Fling 1997 Not gettin water posted by Dave Dietzen on July 08, 2005 at 10:35:06:

The 115 turbojet gets its water from the impeller turbine housing. At the aft side of the motor looking down there is a hose coming from the top of the turbine housing. That hose will go to a water strainer (if equipped) then to the manifold and attaches at the bottom of the mainfold. From there I am not certain how the flow is thru the block but I do know that it eventually goes thru the thermostat housing (2 thermostats) into the heads from the bottom of the heads and exits thru the top of the heads into the water box. Then out the back of the boat thru a piss hole. I would disconnect the hose at the strainer first, start the boat in the water and see if you are getting any water directly off the housing. If that is good then you may have to check your thermostats. Also check your piss hole and make sure a friendly neighborhood mud dobber didnt make a home in there. Hope this helps, Clay

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