Gale Sovereign 60 hp OB

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Posted by Brian ( on July 12, 2005 at 21:45:43:

Just purchased an older 16' ski/pleasure boat with a 60 hp Gale Soveriegn outboard.

Don't know how well the motor was looked after, but to my amazement the old girl started up after only a couple of shots and continued to run fairly well.

Seems like a good rebuild candidate to me.

1. Never wrenched on a boat motor (in fact never owned a boat before) but have worked on car motors. What's the difference? Need some good basics info. Lingo etc. Any special tools or equipment required?
2. Not sure where to get parts and information on how to refresh the motor. One message suggested NAPA Auto Parts marine catalog. EZ 'nuff if that's true. Is it?
3. Other than this site, can anyone recommend any other helpful sites that would relate to this particlular motor?
4. Could also use some help on how to track down specific year etc. on the motor. Is it like casting number on engine blocks, and where would you reference these numbers to pinpoint year for parts ID and the Johnson/Evinrude compatibility?
Thanks, Brian Haslett, MI

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