Re: 82' Merc 115 inline 6, no power, 15MPH at 5200 RPM

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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on July 14, 2005 at 16:13:16:

In Reply to: 82' Merc 115 inline 6, no power, 15MPH at 5200 RPM posted by Jeff T. on July 14, 2005 at 15:19:44:

I'd bet on a bad stator if this is a distributorless model.

Check the resistance of the red and blue stator leads coming out from under the flywheel.

On the Hi-Speed (red and red-white) stator winding the resistance will probabably be somewhere below 100 ohms.

On the Low-Speed (blue and blue-white) stator winding, the resistance will probably be somewhere between 5700 to 8700 ohms.

(I don't have the exact values for this motor in front of me, but these are at least somewhere in the ballpark)

There should be no continutity to ground between either the blue or red wires.

Typically, with the symptoms you're exhibiting, the hi-speed winding will be burnt out and the motor will have spark, start, & run but won't throttle up. No other reason being found for the problem either. The bad winding will show an infinite resistance on the meter.

Anyway, if you have a VOM you can check the resistances yourself, just disconnect the (4) wires from the ign boxes and check it out. You can get a VOM from Sears or Radio Shack for $20 or so, which would be more than capable of performing these checks.

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